YouTube videos about Japanese armor YouTube videos about Japanese armor YouTube videos about Japanese armor

In these videos you can enjoy Japanese armor held by Touken World Foundation(Token Corporation)—Japanese armor that is historically important.
TOUKEN WORLD official YouTube channel
Videos in the Touken World's YouTube channel present information on Japanese swords and armor in an easy to understand manner.

New YouTube videos on Japanese armor

This is the website of the virtual Japanese sword museum Touken World, where we present many engaging aspects about Japanese swords. The Touken World website has lots of information on Japanese swords, including a search function for pictures of swords, basic knowledge, etc. We present Japanese swords not only as historical weapons, but also as objects of beauty and fascination. In the pages of this website, there are the original Touken characters of the six ages, from the Heian period (795-1192) to the Edo period (1603-1867), when production was most prevalent. Seeing Touken characters of these different periods, one can perhaps sense the cultural background of the respective ages. Japanese swords are an integral part of Japanese culture-a culture to be proud of among the cultures of the world. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Japanese swords at Touken World.

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